Call for Papers: Special Issue In Memory of Alexey Olovnikov

Journal: Biochemistry (Moscow)

Special Issue: In Memory of Alexey Olovnikov

Special Issue Editor: Ivan Olovnikov

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2023

Dear colleagues,

A special issue of our journal will be dedicated to the outstanding theoretical biologist Alexey Olovnikov (1936-2022). Alexey is best known for his visionary works on the role of telomeres in aging. In his seminal article, which turns 50 this year, all key aspects of telomere biology were predicted: terminal under-replication of linear chromosomes, the need for a specialized DNA polymerase that compensates for it (this enzyme was discovered much later and called telomerase), the limit of cell divisions determined by the length of telomeres, and the role of telomeres in cellular and organismal aging, as well as the therapeutic potential of these factors in age-related diseases and aging. As typical for discoveries of this magnitude, these observations are still central for the researchers investigating the mechanisms of telomere regulation and aging.

This special issue is planned for November 2023 (Vol. 88, Issue 11, 2023) and the submission deadline is July 15, 2023. The central theme of this commemorative issue is aging, telomere biology, cell senescence and related areas of biology. In addition to aging, Alexey Olovnikov was interested in biorhythms, evolution and morphogenesis and these topics were the subject of Dr. Olovnikov’s theoretical articles published in the journal Biochemistry (Moscow) over the years. Therefore, research papers and reviews on these topics are also welcome.

Manuscripts should be submitted through the Editorial Publishing System at Before submitting a manuscript, please read the Instructions for authors at

When submitting your manuscripts, please specify in your cover letter that your paper is a contribution for the Special Issue entitled “In Memory of Alexey Olovnikov”.

Ivan A. Olovnikov