Biochemistry (Moscow)

Biochemistry (Moscow)

Editor-in-Chief O. A. Dontsova

ISSN: 0006-2979 (Print)

ISSN: 1608-3040 (Online)


Latest Issue

Volume 89, Issue 4, April 2024

Spatial Organization of the Genome and Transcription Regulation (Special Issue).

Guest Editor Sergey V. Razin

Cohesin Complex: Structure and Principles of Interaction with DNA (Review)

Arkadiy K. Golov & Alexey A. Gavrilov

Cohesin-Dependent Loop Extrusion: Molecular Mechanics and Role in Cell Physiology (Review)

Arkadiy K. Golov & Alexey A. Gavrilov

Role of Mod(mdg4)‑67.2 Protein in Interactions between Su(Hw)-Dependent Complexes and Their Recruitment to Chromatin

Larisa S. Melnikova, Varvara V. Molodina ... Anton K. Golovnin