Biochemistry (Moscow)

Журнал «Биохимия»

Editor-in-Chief V. P. Skulachev

ISSN: 0006-2979 (Print)

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Latest Issue

Volume 88, Issue 5, May 2023

Glucocorticoids Orchestrate Adult Hippocampal Plasticity: Growth Points and Translational Aspects (Review)

Natalia V. Gulyaeva

Recombinant Human Cyclophilin A in Combination with Adoptive T-cell Therapy Improves the Efficacy of Cancer Immunotherapy in Experimental Models in vivo

Anastasiia A. Kalinina, Dmitry B. Kazansky ... Ludmila M. Khromykh

O-Acetylhomoserine Sulfhydrylase from Clostridioides difficile: Role of Tyrosine Residues in the Active Site

Vitalia V. Kulikova, Svetlana V. Revtovich ... Tatyana V. Demidkina